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Think text messaging worldwide needs to be expensive?

Can't afford to stay in touch with all your friends and colleagues?

CHERRY SMS the clever App for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Easy as always, just cheaper.
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Nachrichten bequem über Cherry SMS online versenden
Now you can use CHERRY SMS for ANDROID, too. Free download HERE. <>
iPhone App
Die Cherry SMS Appilkatin f�r iPhone und iPod Touch
The perfect SMS App for all iPhone and iPod Touch users. And the best thing about it: you can download Cherry SMS for free at the App Store.
1. Start the Cherry SMS App.
The Cherry SMS App is easy and comfortable to install on the iPhone and you can start it from the menu right away.
2. Login.
After starting the app, you sign on with your cellphone number and your password.
3. Choose receiver.
Through using your personal address book, you can choose one or more receivers.
4. Write and send.
After choosing the receiver, you can type your message and send it worldwide as usual.
5. Confirmation of receipt.
With our current confirmation of receipt, you are sure, that your message arrived at the receiver.
Jetzt NEU: Cherry SMS als Desktop Applikaton
Finally, it is here. The Cherry SMS desktop App. Sending inexpensive SMS worldwide isn't only possible with the iPhone anymore, but also with our Windows desktop App. Just download and install this small tool and start texting. With a full-value address book, favorite options, inbox and outbox and an extensive options menu, you can easily manage your SMS and contacts. With the optional sender ID, Cherry SMS offers a real alternative to the SMS service of the common providers.

address book
Import and manage your contacts here.
favorite options
Set up your own list of favorites.
Inbox and outbox.
Manage your messages with one view.
easy credit loading
Fast and save credit loading at
optional Sender ID
Decide yourself, whether to display your number as sender.
Nachrichten bequem �ber Cherry SMS online versenden
You are the whole day at the office or you have your netbook always with you? Then, it will be much easier from now on. Send your short message directly through With the SMS box at the website, you can send your SMS from everywhere and always for 2,5ct worldwide.

What you have to do for that? It's easy! Register as a Cherry SMS-user, load your credit and you are ready to text. The first 10 SMS are free to test.

address book
Import and manage your contacts here.
favorite options
Set up your personal favorites.
easy credit loading
Fast and save credit loading at
optional Sender ID
Decide for yourself, whether your number will be displayed as sender.
Jetzt NEU: Cherry SMS als Java Applikaton
The long wait is over! Finally you can not only use CHERRY SMS on your iPhone, but also on your normal cell phone with Java functionality.
1. Download CHERRY SMS-App onto your cell phone.
Enter your mobile number in the box down below and you get a free SMS with the CHERRY SMS-download link.
2. Installation and registration.
After installation, you simply open the app and register your mobile phone number and your password.
3. Choose receiver.
Now you can choose one or more receivers from your adress book or enter the mobile number manually.
4. Writing and sending.
Now you can send messages as usual. At sending, you can choose if your number will be displayed as sender or not.
5. Send SMS.
After choosing the type of SMS, your SMS will be send and delivered immediately.
And this is, how it works: just enter your mobile number and you get a free download link for the App sent to your cell phone via SMS. No fees will be charged for the download or the download link-SMS.
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Jetzt NEU: Cherry SMS als Desktop Windows Gadget
Small but mighty - the progression of our Windows Desktop App offers the use as a gadget in Windows Vista/Windows 7 and Mac OSX. With the full range of functions and a new design, the CHERRY SMS-gadget fits perfectly in your desktop and daily working routine. Just download for free, comfortably charge your credit and send SMS on your PC.

adress book
Here you can import and manage your contacts.
favourite options
Create your own favourite list.
in- and outbox
Easily manage your messages.
easy charge of credit
Fast and secure charge of credit at
optional sender ID
Decide for yourself, if your mobile number is displayed as sender.
Deine Vorteile mit Cherry SMS
Send SMS worldwide for as little as 2.5 cents!
Buy credit securely through bank transfer, direct ebanking or Pay Pal.
Have your mobile number displayed to the receiver for only 5 cents.
Extra-long messages - up to 1530 characters.
Download free from the App Store.
Easy and convenient to use.
Receive 10 free SMS upon registration.
No contract required.
Compatible with the iPhone and the iPod Touch.
No annoying advertisements.